Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association
Formally at the Lions Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Range in Bountiful Utah

History of the Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association in Bountiful

The Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association was formed in the late 1970's at the instigation of Lion Wendell Farr, who saw that in order for the range to remain viable, the Lions Club needed to recruit the support of active shooters. It was felt that participation in range care by shooters would be more likely to encourage other shooters to use the facilities. Even 40 years ago it was obvious that encroaching "civilization" would force the range to close if it was not being utilized. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's the Association made many range improvements under the guidance of Lion Nathan Warwood. This included a renovation of the pistol range with backstop and target hangers,installation of a telephone line, installation of the steps from the lower parking area up to the rifle range, building a shelter and shooting bench on the pistol range, upgrading and enlarging the rifle range 25 and 50 yard berms, the zeromatic shelter, and building and repairing flip targets for the rifle range. On-going maintenance of the facilities through the years has been a shared responsibility with the Lion's Club.

Fast forward to today: As Salt Lake City and its surrounding area continues to grow at an rapid rate the need to provide the population with a facility to safely use their rifles, pistols, and shotguns is greater than ever. Please join us to help keep this range open for future generations.