Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association
Formally at the Lions Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Range in Bountiful Utah

Lakeview Range Improvements and Services

  • Providing Range Safety Officer coverage on weekends. 
  • Rebuilding Rifle Range Berms. (Summer Monthly Project)
  • Installing pistol backstop and target hangers. 
  • Building and repairing the 100yd and 200yd flip targets for the rifle range.
  • Installation of phone line to Range Master office.
  • Upholstering the seats on the Rifle Benches.
  • Digging trenches for improved rifle range target stands at 25yd and 50yds.
  • Increasing the depth of the rifle range berms. 
  • Installation and staffing of the Zero-Matic.
  • Annual re-staining of the observation deck at the shotgun trap facility. 
  • Building of target base stands (metal) for the pistol range. 
  • Building of target placards for the rifle and pistol range.
  • Purchasing a professional hydraulic tripod for the Vortex Spotting Scope at the rifle range.
  • On-going maintenance of the facilities through the years has been a shared responsibility with the Lion's Club.

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