Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association
Formally at the Lions Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Range in Bountiful Utah

Service Hours

An important part of being part of the Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association is helping to maintain and staff the Bountiful Lions Range and the events held there. Volunteering helps keep range operating costs down and consequentially lowers the cost of visiting the range, making it financially viable for shooters to visit more often.


Providing Service Hours

Service hours can be provided in several ways:

  • Attending work parties.
  • Visiting the Range Master office & asking for the Range Officer Task List. (Contains a number of tasks that can be done by one or two individuals at any time)
  • Obtaining an NRA Range Safety Officer Certification & provide RSO coverage on the pistol, rifle, & shotgun ranges.
  • Helping to staff events held at the range.
  • Special Projects (As Needed):
    • Building or refurbishing structures.
    • Maintenance of target stands.
    • Other special projects approved by the Lions Board of Directors.