Lakeview Rifle & Pistol Association
Formally at the Lions Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Range in Bountiful Utah
Zeromatic in use!

The ZEROMATIC is no longer located at the Bountiful Lions Range. It is now based at the Wasatch Shooters Association range in Kaysville, UT.

Click here for directions to the WSA RANGE.

ZEROMATIC- Getting a rifle to 'zero', easily.

The ZEROMATIC is a mechanical device that makes getting a rifle to 'zero' accurately and easily. By removing human error a rifle can be brought to 'zero' in fewer shots, saving time and conserving ammunition.

Rifles brought in to be zeroed in on the ZEROMATIC should be in safe operating condition. Scopes should be in functional condition allowing them to be adjusted.

The mechanical nature of the machine ensures that the rifle is zeroed. However, we recommend each individual practice with their rifle after it is zeroed in to ensure familiarity with the new sight adjustment before competitive or sporting use.